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We are a developing Thrive school, looking to incorporate the Thrive Approach into daily practice across the whole school within the next 3 years. 


See our School Development Plan by clicking here


Introduction to Thrive:

Our aim is for Thrive to be a whole school approach, providing a common language to support all children to engage in life and learning. All adults have a role to play in this way of thinking, which puts trusting relationships with key adults at the heart of approach.

Based on neuroscience, attachment theory and developmental stages, the Thrive approach helps children to develop emotional resilience to engage in learning and life. Strategies that are used are largely based around Creative Arts and play, as these activities provide a pre-foundation to learning whilst helping to build neuropathways in a child’s brain.


St Saviour’s Junior School have a Licensed Thrive practitioner who is working to develop The Thrive Approach across the school. St Saviour’s are currently in the process of developing a Thrive room, have had whole staff training about Thrive and profile the whole school at key points throughout the year. This enables us to initially provide targeted whole class Thrive support which can be everyday interactions, targeted group work or whole class activities.


Please see the attached parent guide for further information about the Thrive Approach, how it works and how your child may be involved in Thrive. 

Open Day information for Nursery and Reception places can be found by clicking on our calendar (all taking place in October)
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