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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mr Beament (Headteacher)
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs Simmons (Deputy Headteacher)
Senior Leadership Team 3 MIss Preece (English Lead)
Senior Leadership Team 4 Mrs Eve (SENCO and Inclusion Lead)
Senior Leadership Team 5 Mrs O'Brien (School Business Manager)


Teachers 1 Mrs Lewis (Year 3)
Teachers 2 Mrs Simpkins (Year 3)
Teachers 3 Miss Drake (Year 3)
Teachers 4 Mr Barnard (Year 3)
Teachers 5 Miss Jenkins (Year 4)
Teachers 6 Ms Birkett (Year 4)
Teachers 7 Mrs Charlton (Year 5)
Teachers 8 Mrs Bauer (Year 6)
Teachers 9 Miss Williams (Year 5)
Teachers 10 Mrs Simmons (Year 5)
Teachers 11 Miss Preece (Year 6)
Teachers 12 Mrs Merrett (Year 6)
Teachers 13 Mrs Barlow (Teacher cover)

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Barber
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Brown
Teaching Assistants 3 Ms Wilson
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Thorn
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Grime
Teaching Assistants 6 Ms Judd
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs Collins

Lunchtime Team

Lunchtime Team 1 Mrs Barber
Lunchtime Team 2 Ms Judd
Lunchtime Team 3 Mrs Chalmers
Lunchtime Team 4 Mrs Forleo
Lunchtime Team 5 Mr Gibilaro

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Sarah O'Brien (School Business Manager)
Office Staff 2 Esther Phillips (Finance Officer and Secretary)
Office Staff 3 Clare Cox (Secretary)

School Site

School Site 1 Mr Garrido (Caretaker)
Our 'Wellbeing Week Wall' will be left up in our foyer this week. Please come and have a look at the photos and information on display
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