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Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mr Beament (Headteacher/ Safeguarding Lead)
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs Simmons (Deputy Headteacher/Safeguarding Lead)
Senior Leadership Team 3 Mrs Offler (English Lead)
Senior Leadership Team 4 Mrs Eve (SENCO/Inclusion Lead & Safeguarding Lead)
Senior Leadership Team 5 Mrs O'Brien (School Business Manager)


Teachers 1 Mrs Lewis (Year 3)
Teachers 2 Mrs Simpkins (Year 3)
Teachers 3 Miss Drake (Year 3)
Teachers 4 Miss Jenkins (Year 4)
Teachers 5 Ms Birkett (Year 4)
Teachers 6 Mrs Merrett (Year 4)
Teachers 7 Miss Williams (Year 5)
Teachers 8 Mrs Simmons (Year 5)
Teachers 9 Mrs Barlow (Year 5)
Teachers 10 Mrs Offler (Year 6)
Teachers 11 Mrs Bauer (Year 6)
Teachers 12 Mrs Charlton (PPA Cover)

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Barber
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Brown
Teaching Assistants 3 Ms Wilson
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Thorn
Teaching Assistants 5 Ms Judd
Teaching Assistants 6 Miss Davies

Play Team

Play Team 1 Ms Judd (Play Leader)
Play Team 2 Mrs O'Brien (Assistant Play Leader)
Play Team 3 Mrs Barber (Play Maker)
Play Team 4 Mrs Forleo (Play Maker)
Play Team 5 Mr Stiles (Play Maker)
Play Team 6 Ms Wilson (Play Maker)
Play Team 7 Miss Davies (Play Maker)
Play Team 8 Mr Cocks (Play Maker)
Play Team 9 Miss Burgess (Bath Area Play Project consultant)
Play Team 10 Mrs Simmons (Play Co-ordinator)
Play Team 11 Mr Beament
Play Team 12 Ms Taylor (Champion and Challenge)

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs O'Brien (School Business Manager)
Office Staff 2 Mrs Phillips (Finance Officer and Secretary)
Office Staff 3 Mrs Cocks (Secretary)

School Site

School Site 1 Mr Garrido (Caretaker)
We are a ‘Dementia Friendly School’ visit our gallery to watch a video about the Archie Project
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