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Parent Support Adviser

Hello. My name is Debbie Youngs and I am very pleased to be the Parent Support Adviser (PSA) for St Saviour’s.  I am here to help parents of children at the school who might like a bit of advice, or who may be facing a difficult time because of a particular situation (such as bereavement, separation, unemployment, illness and anything else that life sometimes throws at us). 

My role is to help clarify issues, help work out an action plan and find information and services that can help if I'm not the right person to do it. These are the kinds of things I have done for parents over the last couple of years: 

  • Helped to work out a bed time routine so that the children can settle to sleep more easily;
  • Advised on how to manage bothersome behaviours such as whining and argumentativeness; 
  • Supported parents to help their children to develop their friendship/social skills;
  • Helped families work out effective reward schemes to improve behaviour;
  • Completed difficult paperwork such as benefit claims;
  • Worked with Homesearch to get a higher priority for housing;
  • Helped families get support from specialist agencies when I cannot help them directly. 


I also run regular (usually termly) parenting workshops which you will find advertised around the school and in the newsletters. 
I am in school most Wednesday afternoons from 2.30pm to 4.00pm if you need to see me. You will find me in the room opposite reception. Otherwise, leave me a message or email at any time and I will contact you as soon as I can.


You can contact me on 07530 263289 or by email at


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