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Outdoor Play And Learning (OPAL)


‘I have been to hundreds of schools across the UK and can confidently say that the quality of play is one of the very best in the UK.’

Michael Follett (OPAL Founder and Director)


Play at the Juniors is SO fun, it’s like a whole new exciting world!

Louis (Year 6)


‘The play space is the best example of play I have ever seen!’

Sarah Sealy (Bath Area Play Project)


‘OPAL is inspired! So impressed with the emphasis on play here at he Juniors!’

Year 4 Parent


Messy Water Play

Messy Water Play 1
Messy Water Play 2
Messy Water Play 3
Messy Water Play 4

Water Play!

Who needs a fancy games console when you have a massive barrel of water

Scrap Store

OPAL mud kitchen

The OPAL Junk Band

Play Policy 2018

To watch Mrs Offler's Dance Club in action at the Dance Umbrella please visit the 'Gallery' page
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