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Hello and welcome to our new project - Green Fingers for a Brighter Tomorrow!


Over the next two years we will embark on a new journey to explore the environment.


As we all know the environment is important to all of us and we need to educate our children not just for now but for future generations. This means we need to continually expose pupils to the wider environment and hopefully make them far more aware. There are many environmental concerns, threats and underlying dangers in the world we live in.


So we are planning to involve the pupils, staff, the local community and environmental organisations to help us in our quest for sustainability. The key to this is environnmental education and some of the areas we will be investigating, through a series of educational discoveries, presentations and visits will be:


Water - source of life, uses, water shortage, water pollution

Earth- problems, deforestation, endangered species

Air - air pollution, the greenhouse effect, global warming


I'm sure it will be a very interesting and stimulating project!


The Partners
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